Meet Blume

When I met sisters, bunny + Taran who are the amazing CEO’s of the rad company Meet Blume — I felt like we had been friends for years! Just like their brand they are welcoming and easy. They recently had a pop up on Mulberry street in NYC alongside many other amazing businesses & I stopped by a few weeks ago to shoot some photos with them. Blume unlike many brands carry period products and they believe in products that are not a threat to our bodies or the environment. Check out some of their products — Here.

We’re building young women a safe space to learn, grow, and become their badass selves. A place to celebrate womanhood and give advice on the good, the bad and, yes, even the ugly that comes with it.
— Meet Blume
Puberty is a pivotal time in a girl’s life. It shapes her expectations of womanhood. Done right, girls can feel good about their bodies and celebrate becoming a woman in a life-shaping way. This is what we’re all about. Helping to create a new generation of thriving, confident, informed young women who are eager to become the very best version of themselves.
— Meet blume


I first heard about Fur You in a vogue blog post where they discussed how the “full bush is the new Brazilian” and was instantly interested! Even the amazing Emma Waston loves this product.. so i had to check it out. I obviously wrote them an email and discussed my serious curiosity, ha!

Fur Mentions, “Wherever you fall on the spectrum of bare to full, Fur provides natural care to hydrate skin, soften hair, and eradicate in-growns from head to toe.” The product is well designed, non-toxic, its for those who wax, or those who shave.

When I first moved to New York a month ago I sat down with the amazing CEO Laura Schubert who is truly a next level #bossgirl and she believes in Natural skincare. I really believe in this product she and her team created and it’s def a new era of body care from head to toe…. and it’s stunning to see / looks really pretty in my shower.

Check out the “fuller Frontal” which is a full set of products for daily hair/skin care. I am loving it over here, personally. Happy Monday! Below are some goodies I had to joy of shooting for them.