Meet Blume

When I met sisters, bunny + Taran who are the amazing CEO’s of the rad company Meet Blume — I felt like we had been friends for years! Just like their brand they are welcoming and easy. They recently had a pop up on Mulberry street in NYC alongside many other amazing businesses & I stopped by a few weeks ago to shoot some photos with them. Blume unlike many brands carry period products and they believe in products that are not a threat to our bodies or the environment. Check out some of their products — Here.

We’re building young women a safe space to learn, grow, and become their badass selves. A place to celebrate womanhood and give advice on the good, the bad and, yes, even the ugly that comes with it.
— Meet Blume
Puberty is a pivotal time in a girl’s life. It shapes her expectations of womanhood. Done right, girls can feel good about their bodies and celebrate becoming a woman in a life-shaping way. This is what we’re all about. Helping to create a new generation of thriving, confident, informed young women who are eager to become the very best version of themselves.
— Meet blume