Velvets Edge + Urban Outfitters //

Ohhh these photos were taken the other day while we were visiting the Frist in downtown Nashville. If you're here in the city it's a must that you check out the  Irving Penn exhibit. He was an iconic fashion photographer with amazing images of that will always be timeless in my book. He was WAY ahead of his time! This is the first exhibit of his work since his death and it’s really great and getting amazing reviews. Click his name above for an overview and tease of some of the shots. 
I really love my girl Kelly. Im thankful for her time & friendship.. when life gets hard / confusing she is there to chat it out and meet me where I'm at. YOU my girl KEL. 

Soo Def check out this little collab with our friends at Urban Outfitters -- You can see how Kel styled the look here. I know that I am feeling jazzed about this mesh / see through trend myself. Here are a few of my fave looks -- here, here and HERE. 

Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend.