Nutrition Stripped // Sparkling Botanical Float + Stickers

I've been shooting with McKel of Nutrition Stripped for a little while now and have just started helping her out on some foo shoots! I'm really enjoying getting to venture into food photography since it's new to me! This particular shoot was for a Sparkling Botanical Ice Cream Float, which you can find the recipe for here. Yum, am I right? McKel is always coming up with healthy twists on recipes and who would have thought that a kombucha style drink would be delicious in an ice cream float, but it really is! I also shot a couple of product photos for her new watercolor stickers and tattoos that are so fun! I love the way she used them to jazz up a white notebook. If you're into them, you can get them here! I love shooting food and product photos like these because it's so fun to get creative and try new ideas. 

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