I've been working with Larz since I first shot with her at New York Fashion Week last October. I jumped at the chance to snap some photos for her other project (of many), #HalftheStory, a really cool social media campaign that seeks to shed light on what might be happening outside of that filter on Instagram. She runs the account and site with fellow Vandy student Amanda, and if you want to know more check out their site and follow along on Instagram!

The #HalftheStory mission:

In a world driven by instant success, we tend to hide behind our social media identities, masking the full truth behind the partial realities we post every day. #HALFTHESTORY is a social media awareness campaign that aims to liberate men and women from all walks of life, by providing a platform that allows these individuals to share a part of their identity that is not revealed through their social channels. #HALFTHESTORY is not limited to weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or insecurities, but rather a celebration of individuality, intellect, and passion. Unlike other social movements, we aim to shed light on hidden human talents, ideas, or beliefs that connect us  on a deeper level in addition to the struggles that we face.