Molly Parden

I had SO much fun shooting these photos for Molly. We were going for an "at home with Molly" vibe and then ventured into Greer Stadium (shh!) to get the photos at the bottom. I'm thrilled with the end product and so excited to share them and a bit about Molly. Follow along with Molly on Instagram here and stay tuned for new music from this angel songbird.

A few words from Molly:

"I'm just a server who recently quit her job in order to make more room for music. I'm releasing new music this summer in the form of a 4-song EP and it will be the first batch of songs that I've set free in 5 years. It feels like I'm having my 2nd child; I'm nervous about everything, overwhelmed with how many things I've yet to do to continue to prepare for the birth of this body of work, excited to get the songs out, frantic that I'm not ready, happy happy happy and proud... it's really weird. 
I love living in Nashville, and I love to travel for music, and I love horses. This summer I'll be on the road and in a country band called Sam Outlaw singing harmony vocals and playing guitar just like I was born to do. When I get back home at the end of July, I'll have a release show of some sort (TBD & TBA), then hopefully hop back on the road either as a backup singer or as a lead singer for the Molly Parden band."