Thistle farms + CNN Heros

Every time that I have ever walked out of Thistle Farms doors I feel lighter. There is so much joy radiating it's almost breathtaking! My friend who works there once told me that she never wears her shoes because to her it's holy ground and it truly saved her life.

Thistle Farm's mission is to provide healing for women survivors of abuse, addition, trafficking and prostitution.  At Thistle they believe love is the strongest force to change the world, and I would say I have to agree. 

Since I moved to Nashville it has been so great to get to know the women working for Thistle.  I'm so blessed to get to be a part of their story in some small way. 

Congrats to Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms founder, for being named to the Top 100 CNN Heros list this fall.  Below is a picture from last fall of Kelly Clarkson supporting one her of favorite charities in Nashville.