McKenna Lehman//WELD

When I asked McKenna what was new with her she told me she was trying figure that out. Her mission and how or even if modeling fits in is beautiful. She told me when we were shooting that this was her second time in front of a camera, so I naturally asked her when her first time was and she said, "Oh, my senior photos." HA this is why I love McKenna.

She is a fearless, strong, independent, wise beyond her years, and insanely stunning without trying. I am thankful for her friendship. I think I'm just really pumped about this girl. She is an inspiration to all of us women. She's a true example of a wise, powerful lady.

SO girls -- be proud and confident in YOU! That's the hottest thing you can do. 

McKenna's words on modeling below... 

"All I know is it's super fun and incredibly liberating, which is not something I expected it to be. I used to be SO insecure until I met Christ. Modeling is just a step in the path of vulnerability and being completely free in who God made me to be."

Happy Monday!